URMC COVID-19 Information

March 29, 2020 – From the desk of Jeff Tarrant, CEO of Upson Regional Medical Center

Below is an updated status report on URMC’s COVID-19 plan preparations and implementation as of today.

Upson County was confirmed to have 5 COVID-19 positive cases in yesterday’s 7pm Georgia Department of Public Health update. This number reflects the patient’s county of residence and is not an indication of where COVID-19 positive patients may be hospitalized.

While we would prefer Upson County not have any COVID-19 positive patients, public health experts have been consistent in telling us that virtually no area of the country will remain free of the virus. Therefore, today’s number for Upson County was not particularly surprising—most counties around Upson have confirmed positive cases over the past several days.

Our virtual visit technology with several provider clinics has tested well this week and is available starting next week. Please use it if a virtual visit with a physician or advanced practice provider will meet your healthcare needs.

Our best approaches to assure Upson County does not become a COVID-19 hotspot include the following:

  • Maintaining distance from each other—at least 6 feet. This applies to all employees at all times. Even employees choosing to dine together in our cafe.

  • Appropriately covering coughs and sneezes.

  • Washing your hands frequently, using sanitizer foams or gels when unable to wash.

  • Eliminating any group gatherings.

  • Staying at home unless it is essential to go out.

  • Public access into the hospital will be the Main Entrance from 6am-5pm on weekdays only and Emergency Department 24/7.

  • No patient visitors except for extenuating circumstances.

  • Wellness center is closed to both public and employee use.

  • Postponing elective surgical cases.

  • Screening all who are entering the hospital—public, employees, providers, others--for exposure history, symptoms, and temperature

  • Screening all who are entering our clinics and offices—public, employees, providers, and others--for exposure history, symptoms, and temperature.

  • Eliminating gatherings of large employee or community groups within any area of our organization.

  • Posting a link accessible on our URMC Home Page that contains real time details of our latest COVID-19 mitigation details.

  • Changes in our cleaning schedules.

  • Changes in how our café functions from a public and staff dining perspective.

  • Daily COVID-19 operational huddle, weekdays and weekends, to assess the situation, prioritize needs, and establish direction for the next 24 hours.

Also, a reminder that our clinics are open and absolutely committed to being the resource needed.