A non-healing wound on your body is not a natural thing. Seeing yourself in less-than optimal health can have deep and devastating psychological consequences. Feeling depressed and despondent are normal, natural extensions of being in a situation where you feel things are not getting better, or seeing things getting worse.

Breathing 100% oxygen at increased atmospheric pressure is a painless, proven way to help the body heal.

Wound Healing

Wound healing is a process whereby the human body attempts to repair damage, generally to the outside of the body’s surface (skin). The simple process of a scab forming after a child skins his knee is a perfect representation of this concept. The formation of scar tissue after a surgical procedure is another. However, there are many instances where the body cannot repair the damage successfully, causing a host of other problems like infection, gangrene, and, in some cases, amputation.

Non-Healing Wounds

Non-healing wounds can attack any external part of the body, and they can take many forms. Some of the most common are pressure ulcers, while others develop as a result of post-surgical complications. Often, a patient has multiple problems simultaneously, making wound healing a difficult (and sometimes impossible) challenge.

Upson’s Wound Center treats these common wounds:

  • Diabetic wounds
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Venous stasis ulcers
  • Arterial ulcers
  • Vasculitic ulcers
  • Surgical wounds
  • Complex soft tissue wounds
  • Infected wounds

When You’re Ready

If you know you need professional wound healing care, visit your doctor, or call us at 706-647-5856 for an appointment. Once we receive your request, the healing can begin. Our staff will help you understand the process of wound healing, describe and explain what is happening every step of the way, chart your progress as you move through the treatment process and give you all the information and advice you need once your treatment is complete. This is all part of your Individualized Treatment Plan. If your family members are involved, we will help them understand what is happening and why their help and support is of critical importance to your overall experience.


When you call us to make an appointment, we will begin to gather information about you and what next steps need to be taken. We’ll determine the best day and time for you to come in and meet with our team to begin your assessment. The assessment will include evaluation of your wound and medical history. Tests may be conducted to better understand your blood flow, how much oxygen is in your tissue, and to determine if the wound is infected.

Assessing your Needs

At this time, you will learn what we believe your problem is, and what we recommend be done to treat and resolve it. We’ll discuss your problem internally, and with your primary care physician, specialist or other medical professionals involved in your care, and, of course, with you.

One of the most difficult aspects patients face is uncertainty, and we have so much experience, and such sophisticated expertise, that we will address your fears and concerns and give you a plan of action you can feel comfortable in adopting.

Once you’ve been referred to Upson, our patient care team will work with your referring physician to manage the healing process from start to finish so that you experience a consistent plan of care.

Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Medicine

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