Birth Center

Each year, more than 350 babies are delivered at Upson. Compassionate staff and a patient-centered facility make Upson a great place for moms, families and babies.

We offer mother-baby care which promotes mothers and babies rooming together from delivery until discharge. This allows Mom and her new bundle to be cared for by the same nurse, and it means better continuity of care for both mother and baby.


We encourage all patients to pre-register for services to ensure a quicker check-in process.

Experienced Nurses

Upson's fully-trained, experienced and specialized team of nurses provided skilled and compassionate care throughout your stay to make sure you are completely satisfied with your birthing experience.

Comfort and Safety

Upson is up-to-date and offers cutting-edge technology to make birthing safer and more comfortable for you and your baby.

Private Rooms

Upson's beautiful patient rooms provide plenty of space for you and your family, including private baths, large windows, and comfortable lounging furniture.

On-unit C-section Suite

Upson's staff is fully trained and board certified in cesarean delivery. Our dedicated c-section surgery is just a few steps from your room, so you can get the care you and your baby need all without leaving the unit.


Upson offers nursery care for additional needs.

Prenatal Education

From childbirth preparation classes to help with breastfeeding, Upson is here for our patients. Having a baby is such a special time in the life of your family, and we know that it can be full of excitement, anticipation, and anxiety. We want all families to have the knowledge they need to go through the birthing process and also, the knowledge they need to take care of their new baby at home. In order to prepare you for your new baby, Upson OB/GYN offers prenatal patient centering education options. We hope that you learn, interact, ask questions and fell empowered as you prepare for your "special delivery."