Endoscopic procedures use tiny digital cameras attached to a flexible tube (endoscope), that allow physicians to see what’s inside a patient’s GI Tract. The cameras help physicians identify polyps, inflammation, ulcers and tumors, and diagnose gastrointestinal conditions.

Colonoscopy – large intestines
EGD – the upper GI tract
Bronchoscopy – trachea and lungs

Upson’s certified staff performs more than 130 endoscopies per month with advanced digital technology and smaller endoscopes. Upson is the first hospital in the state to offer FUSE technology, which allows physicians to see more of the colon. Colonoscopy and EGD procedures are procedures most commonly performed.

Recovery times usually are only 30-45 minutes. During this time and before the procedure, patients can relax in private rooms with specialized nursing care.

Regular colonoscopy screenings are suggested for those 50 years old or older. Ask your primary physician for a colonoscopy referral.