The primary purpose of the Anti-Coagulation Clinic is to improve patients' quality of care, education and compliance by providing safe, predictable and effective management of anticoagulation.

Patients must be referred to the clinic by the physician who prescribes the blood thinners or who serves as the patient's primary care provider. The clinic works in close contact with any referring healthcare providers to ensure that patients on these medicines are closely followed in an effort to reduce the risk of complications, such as bleeding, from the medicine.

Patients who are referred for care by Upson’s Clinic are anticoagulated with Coumadin (warfarin sodium). This blood thinner requires regular blood testing of the International Normalized Ratio (INR) level. This blood test tells the healthcare provider how much or how little the medicine is working to prevent blood clots.

Upson provides INR testing using state-of-the-art instruments. The INR test usually requires only a simple finger stick blood draw, and the result is available within seconds. A bleeding risk assessment is conducted, education is provided, and adjustment of medicine dosing, if necessary, is determined. Prior to leaving the office, patients are provided with written instructions about what was discussed during the visit, and when to return for future testing.

The Anticoagulation Clinic is staffed by pharmacists at Upson Regional Medical Center in Thomaston.

Hours of Operation

  • Thursday 8a-3:30p.

Before You Arrive

  • You will need a physician referral.
  • You will need an appointment.
  • Bring your insurance information to every visit.
  • If you cannot keep your scheduled appointment, please call the clinic as soon as possible.

Your Visit

  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes early for your first appointment to provide time for registration. Your first visit will usually last 45 minutes, but following visits normally will be 10-15 minutes.
  • On your first visit, bring all of your medications, including over-the-counter medicines and vitamins.
  • Inform the clinic of any changes in your health, medicine or lifestyle.
  • Inform the clinic of any missed or extra doses of warfarin.
  • A pharmacist will determine how "thick or thin" your blood is by using a finger-stick test.
  • If your dose of warfarin needs changing, the change will be discussed with you. You will be given written instructions of your new dose.
  • Your physician will receive a report of the results.
  • The pharmacist will answer any questions you may have.


  • For vehicle assistance, security may be called from the Auxiliary desk located at the front entrance of the hospital, and the telephone operator's station located in the emergency room entrance of the hospital.

Directions to ACC

  • The ACC is located in the main lobby, across from the volunteer desk.
  • Employees can help you with directions to the ACC, if needed.


  • Shelley Abernathy, Pharm.D.
  • Heather Jordan, Pharm.D.
  • Pamela Aiken, R.Ph.
  • Stephanie Weed, Pharm.D.
  • David McSwain, R.Ph.

Contact the Clinic:

  • Phone: 706-648-3784
  • Fax: 706-646-3258