Upson Regional Medical Center Now Offers REGEN-COV Infusions for COVID Patients

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Like much of the state of Georgia, Upson and surrounding counties have been hit hard by the current COVID Delta variant surge. Vaccination against COVID continues to be the most effective way that spread of this disease can be reduced.

In an effort to decrease the incidence of severe COVID disease requiring hospitalization, Upson Regional Medical Center now offers REGEN-COV infusion therapy (monoclonal antibodies) at Upson Family Medical Center Northside, Upson Family Physicians Barnesville and Upson Family Physicians Zebulon. These new clinic locations are in addition to the existing monoclonal antibody infusion resource at URMC.

If administered within 10 days of onset of COVID-19 symptoms, the one-time therapy, made up of synthetic proteins designed to mimic the body’s own immune response, is highly effective in neutralizing the virus and preventing symptoms from worsening. The treatment is administered through intravenous (IV) infusion, and takes approximately 30 minutes followed by a one hour observation period.

REGEN-COV has been approved for emergency use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Eligible patients are 12 years or older and have a positive COVID-19 diagnosis with risk of severe disease. A physician or advanced practice professional (PA or NP) must make the referral. Due to the preparation necessary to prepare for infusion, appointments must be scheduled—walk-ins cannot be accommodated.

“Studies have shown this therapy to reduce the need for COVID hospitalization by up to two thirds, and shorten the duration of symptoms by up to four days. While REGEN-COV will not prevent COVID from spreading, it can quickly have impact in reducing the number of COVID patients who need hospitalization,” said Upson Regional CEO Jeff Tarrant. “We are thrilled to offer this treatment in three counties within our service area” he added.

"The dedication of URMC and our medical professionals is heroic and inspiring. I appreciate the collaborative relationship with Upson Regional CEO Jeff Tarrant as we actively advocated for Upson, Pike, and Lamar with the Governor's Office and Georgia Department of Public Health to get life-saving REGEN-COV infusion clinics here locally. This proactive approach will save lives as this treatment has been shown to lessen the severity of the virus if given early," said Beth Camp, District 131 State Representative.

To schedule a COVID patient for REGEN-COV treatment, a healthcare provider may contact any of the following locations:

  • Upson Family Medical Center Northside 706-647-2641
  • Upson Family Physicians Barnesville 770-358-3284
  • Upson Family Physicians Zebulon 770-872-5030
  • URMC Infusion Clinic 706-647-8111 ext 1310

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