Jack or Jill Gender Reveal

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Upson OB/GYN is now offering gender reveal ultrasounds, known as “Jack or Jill Gender Reveal.” The ultrasounds are open to the public for $75 cash or card.

“There is nowhere in a 40 mile radius of Thomaston that offers gender reveal ultrasounds, and we are excited to have them here at Upson OB/GYN,” said Upson OB/GYN Clinical Supervisor Katie Heinrich.

The scans are 15 minutes long and the patient may schedule as early as 15 weeks gestation. Black and white pictures are provided and one 3-D picture is sent to the patient’s mobile device via Tricefy, which is a cloud-based medical imaging solution that enables users to archive images anytime. The baby’s heartbeat will also be heard, and a $25 plush stuffed animal is available as well.

The gender reveals are from 12 – 2 pm on Friday’s by appointment only. To schedule your Jack or Jill Gender Reveal, call Upson OB/GYN at 706-647-9627.


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