Auxiliary donation brings Upson Lucas Device

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We are very grateful for Auxiliary's generous $16,000 donation for the purchase of a LUCAS device for Upson's Emergency Department. This lifesaving equipment provides benefit to cardiac arrest patients by delivering guideline-consistent, high quality chest compressions even under difficult conditions for extended periods of time.

With the LUCAS device, fatigue, individual variations or psychological factors are removed from CPR, and there is no longer a need to switch providers every two minutes. This also keep LUCAS in turn keeps the providers safe from injuries. LUCAS helps provide high-quality and safer chest compressions in situations such as patient movement and transportation, during prolonged CPR or in the Cath Lab.

"This lifesaving equipment provides good quality care with limited interruptions to compressions which keeps the blood flow to the brain more consistent," said Emergency Department Director Jim Totten. "We are very thankful for Auxiliary's donation, for this will allow our team to work more efficiently and the LUCAS contributes to increased survival rates," he added.

What a huge win for patients. Thank you to our wonderful Auxiliary!


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