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Now Offering Regenerative Medicine for Joint Pain

Chronic joint pain keeping you down?

 It’s never easy when you’re living with chronic joint pain from arthritis, cartilage or joint injuries, inflammation or ongoing tendonitis, and it can feel like treatment options are limited. Thankfully, Upson Orthopedics Sports Medicine and Surgery is always looking for the most state of the art, cutting edge treatments to offer patients, and they are now proudly offering new regenerative medicine procedures that already have many patients feeling better with a nonsurgical treatment option.

 Regenerative medicine treatments for joint pain allows the patient to have a single non-steroidal, injection that uses healing growth factors,  stem cells, and the patient’s own cells to naturally heal the tissues that are damaged. While many drug-injections, such as cortisone and anti-inflammatories, provide temporary pain relief, the incredible difference is that regenerative medicine treatments can potentially fully restore the damaged tissue while also providing the much needed pain relief to the patient at the same time, and often is a faster recovery time than is seen with surgery.

 These incredible procedures are made even more state of the art by the pin-point accuracy that Dr. Brandon Boyce, MD, is able to deliver using advanced ultrasound and X-rays to even further maximize the benefits of this treatment. Dr. Boyce mentions that this cutting edge treatment can be done in the office setting and only takes about 15 minutes to perform, and can provide relief for up to a 1 year. He even adds “this is a very good non-surgical way to treat arthritis and other painful joint problems, and is another tool to possibly prevent surgery. The best part is that we offer this incredible treatment right here in Thomaston.”

 Fellow Thomastonians have already seen relief, so why continue to live with joint pain?

Clay Howell and Carol Kratz of Thomaston would recommend regenerative medicine to anyone.

 “I got osteoarthritis after getting hurt playing football and had multiple surgeries. After I had one of these injections, my joint feels the best it has felt in the past 10 years,” Howell said.

 Kratz says “After I had the injection, it was like a miracle. Each day it got better. I would much rather have this than surgery,”

 If you’re suffering with any type of joint pain, you may be a candidate for a Regenerative Medicine treatment like this one. While this treatment is not typically covered by insurance, it is affordable and payment plans are available. Do not let joint pain keep you from all the things you want to do, and let us help you start doing all the things the joint pain has kept you from.

  To see if you are a candidate for this treatment, or if you have any other questions about this type of regenerative medicine treatment, please call Upson Orthopedics Sports Medicine and Surgery at 706-647-3030.