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3D Mammography

Upson just added a new diagnostic weapon to its technology arsenal, 3D mammography.

3D Mammography is an FDA-approved advanced technology that takes many images of the breast tissue, creating a 3D image. Mickey Richardson, Upson Regional Imaging Director, says “In a 2D mammogram, images are taken from only the front and side. In a 3D mammogram, images are taken in slices.” Radiologist Denis Atkinson, MD, says that many may think a 3D mammogram takes longer time, but that is not the case.  “Images are taken rapidly, so there is barely any difference in time,” he said.

A 2D mammogram takes 4 images; where as a 3D mammogram takes up to 120 images.  Since more images are taken in 3D mammography, this allows the radiologist to see images in greater detail than the traditional one. A 3D mammogram is also 40% more accurate than the traditional one. Richardson says that in 2D mammography, many women called back for follow up testing. “3D mammography reduces the call back rate and unnecessary biopsy results,” he said.

Radiologist Ian Campbell, MD, is thrilled Upson has joined the 3D mammography train. “3D mammography is not easily available in rural cities. We are very fortunate at Upson to have this procedure. The payoff is worth it,” he said.

Early detection matters! Call 706-647-8111 ext.  1114 and schedule your 3D mammogram today.