New Room Service Offering Features New Menus and Tray Service.

Upson Dishes Up Room Service

Upson Regional Medical Center now offers Room Service to its patients. The At Your Request service implemented by the Cherokee Cafe allows inpatients access to hotel-style room service.

The loss of control patients can feel in their situation plays a key role in their level of satisfaction. Anxiety and distress are often an inevitable part of a hospital stay. The uncertainties of disease and treatment, waiting times, boredom, fatigue, isolation from family and friends – all these factors contribute to a sense of powerlessness. It’s a feeling that may take hold as soon as the patient arrives, when their clothing is replaced by a hospital gown and a plastic wristband.

Small gestures can make all the difference when it comes to restoring a patient’s sense of control. Simply giving patients the freedom to choose what, where and when they eat can lead to greater patient satisfaction and to overall improvement in quality in life.

“Patients come to a hospital and they have no control," Food Services Director Steven Hand. “Room service gives you a little control over something.”

Patients can choose from an extensive menu available in their rooms, which features a wide range of options, such as customized omelets, made-to-order salads, personal pizzas and grill items, as well as traditional entrees. The menu also features selections for patients with dietary restrictions, even for those on a liquid diet.

Registered Dietitian Dawn McCoy says that even if a patient is on a clear liquid diet, they can benefit from At Your Request. “The patient may hate apple juice, which has been put on their tray meal after meal. With Room Service, the patient can request a different beverage , like Gatorade.”

Upson’s Room Service Program is available to eligible in patients from 6:30 a.m. – 6 p.m. daily. Meals are delivered to the patient’s bedside within 45 minutes of placing the call.

“We all know what it’s like to have a craving for a certain food or drink, especially when we’re under the weather,” said Hand. “Our Room Service allows us meet those cravings with hotel-style room service tailored to the taste buds.”

In addition to happier and better-nourished patients, and more efficient nurses, there is another upside to the At Your Request® program: reduced food costs and less waste. When patients can order what and how much food they want, fewer meals go to waste.