Wound Healing Center Turns 10

The Wound Healing Center (WHC) is celebrating its 10th anniversary in operation at Upson Regional Medical Center. The program was established in October 2005 to meet the community health need for advanced wound care.

“At Upson, we are committed to providing greater access for the community to important health services such as wound care treatment,” said CEO David Castleberry. “The Wound Healing Center has been an important addition to our portfolio of services.

WHC offers advanced wound therapies for patients with chronic wounds and non-responsive conditions that have been present for weeks, months or years and show no sign of improvement with standard treatment.

The WHC has a healing success rate of approximately 85% percent of wounds treated in 16 weeks or less , which far exceeds national benchmarks established among wound healing centers across the country.

The WHC’s team of physicians and nurses are all specialty trained in advanced wound care and use the latest assessment and therapeutic methods. Staff members are: Medical Director, Dr. Aaron Buice, Nurse Practitioner, Layne McLendon, Clinical Manager, Karen Kelly, and clinical staff include Lindsay Hill,
RN, Brooke Coggins, RN, Jessica Teal, HT and Jennifer Hilton, RMA.

“Patients come to the Wound Healing Center at Upson for a variety of reasons,” Kelly said. “We have patients with diabetic ulcers, vascular problems, burns, post-surgical wounds, and wounds secondary to radiation treatment.”

“We use a wide variety of treatment modalities, ranging from latest technology dressings and debridement to hyperbaric oxygen treatment therapy,” she said. “Our physicians and staff are trained and certified in wound care, and most of the equipment we use wouldn’t be found in a primary care office.”

“The majority of wounds have a big impact on the patient’s lifestyle,” McLendon said. “Patients might be bed bound, wheelchair bound or have chronic pain from day to day. Our goal is to return them to their previous lifestyle so they can pursue their prior activities.”

Before Upson established the Wound Healing Center, people in the area were traveling extended distances to try to get care for their wounds and many times they didn’t get adequate care. “We have treated people that have suffered with wounds for 10 years or longer, trying to manage the wounds on their own.” said Kelly. The WHC has treated more than 2000 patients since its inception in 2005.

Patients can be referred to the WHC by a physician or healthcare provider. They can also call to schedule their own appointment without a referral. Treatment is covered by commercial insurance, as well as Medicare and Medicaid. The WHC is located on the Ground Floor of the hospital.