Upson Honored with National Award

Not only was Upson one of 25 hospitals selected to present at the national What’s Right in Healthcare Conference in Chicago, IL, Upson was recognized for outstanding performance in patient satisfaction.

Upson was selected for the “Excellence in Patient Care" top HCAHPS award in the category “Patients Always Received Care As Soon As They Wanted.”

HCAHPS, or Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems, is a national standardized survey tool used to measure adult inpatient perception of the quality of care they receive at a given acute care hospital.

“Given the level of excellence that must be sustained to receive such an award, this speaks volumes about the patient-centered culture at Upson,” said CEO David Castleberry. “This award is not earned in a board room or the CEO’s office – it’s earned in the patient care areas throughout our facility, and it is a sum of every encounter our frontline staff has with patients. I am so very proud of the first-class frontline staff here at Upson.”

The award was presented by StuderGroup®. StuderGroup works with over 800 healthcare organizations in the U.S. and beyond, teaching them how to achieve, sustain, and accelerate exceptional clinical, operational, and financial outcomes.

As the metrics the healthcare industry publically reports get expanded—and as reimbursement is increasingly tied to these results—organizations are forced to get progressively better at providing top quality care with fewer dollars.

Some hospitals are striving to operate like top quality hotels or even, DisneyWorld. Castleberry says this is what sets Upson apart. “I don’t believe patients go to the hospital looking for a hotel. I believe patients go to hospitals because they need relief,” he said. It could be relief from pain — broken arm, sprained ankle, bleeding ulcer, but it usually also includes relief from fear, relief from stress, so they can heal.

Castleberry says this award is a tremendous accomplishment, and one of which the entire community can be justifiably proud. “It is validation that it does feel better here. Our frontline staff put patients first and it shows.”