SafeChx uses biometric technology to scan a patient’s right index finger.

New Medical Identity Theft Protection System

Upson Regional Medical Center is proud to offer patients advanced medical identity theft protection and efficient patient registration, while improving health outcomes and reducing the risk of medical errors.

Nationwide, medical identity theft is on the rise, and it is estimated that Americans spend $40 billion annually on medical identity theft. On a personal level, it is possible for someone to find or steal your health insurance card and use it to get treatment, all while posing as you.

That’s why Upson has partnered with SafeChx, a leading healthcare intelligence company, to prevent that from happening. Using SafeChx, your medical identity will be instantly verified at check-in, just not by a laminated paper health insurance card.

SafeChx uses biometric technology to scan a patient’s right index finger. By scanning the patients’ points on their right index finger, SafeChx is able to give each patient a unique mathematical code that links them to their medical record and benefits so no one else can use them. All patients will be asked to initially scan their right index finger five times in order to get their unique identifier, then any returning visit will only require a fast, one time scan to verify.

CEO David Castleberry said, “Patients should have peace of mind that their medical information is secure, and we are fortunate to be able to reinvest in systems such as SafeChx to provide the best care for our patients and add an enhanced level of protection for their personal health information.”

While SafeChx is focused on protecting a patient’s medical identity it also works to address a variety of other medical issues like eliminating duplicate medical records. Nationally, it is estimated that 10% of all medical records are duplicates, which causes added expense for health care providers to carry and access those records. But it also poses problems for patients when they check in at a health care facility and they have multiple records for that one patient.

SafeChx will also help improve patient outcomes by ensuring that the right patient receives the right care every time they visit our facilities. It is common to see multiple patients with the same name and it would be possible, although unlikely, to pull the incorrect medical file because of the common name. This potential error cannot happen by using the SafeChx system because each patient will be identified and linked to his or her corresponding medical benefits; ensuring the right person receives the right care.

SafeChx will allow quicker patient registration, easier doctor access to view patient medical records, decrease administrative burdens of duplicate or incorrect records, and for quick and accurate patient identification in emergency situations.

Upson is the 116th hospital in the nation to offer this new level of medical identity theft protection for its patients. In two years, SafeChx has already protected over 7 million patient identities at other health care systems, with an overall patient acceptance rate of 97%.