Service Award Banquet Honoring Employees

Upson Regional Medical Center recognized last week more than 95 employees for milestones in service, ranging from five to 45 years.

CEO David Castleberry said Upson is fortunate to have such dedicated and loyal employees. “The people we recognize this year for milestones in service are truly the backbone of our organization. I applaud their dedication and appreciate their loyalty not just to this hospital, but to the patients we serve.”

Organizations cannot advance and thrive without a solid core of loyal and top-shelf employees, said Castleberry. “The knowledge-base and compassionate commitment of this year’s honorees are the cornerstones of our culture and the foundation of our success.”

45 Years
Brenda Davis
James Searcy

40 Years
Carolyn Anglin
Susie Lowe

35 Years
Earnestine Zellner
Donald Gilbert
Dawn Owens
Joyce Glisson
Suzanne Streetman
Angela Alton
San Short

30 Years
Patricia Favors
Irene Weston
Susan Carpenter

25 Years
Margaret Thornton
Catherine Rogers
Deborah Weason

20 Years
Amy Braswell
Laura Watson
Sharye May
Ashley McKneely
Virginia Strickland
Suzanne Scott
Sherry Rawlins
Annie Marshall
Lou Brown

15 Years
Erlene Shobe
Tiffani Mauldin
Ben Watson
Wanda Sanders
Pamela Aiken
Brent McDaniel
Treena Turner
Wanda Creamer
Brandy Ellington
Bernice Searcy
Timmy Lyons
Eveline Thomas
Dianne Rosborough

10 Years
Lewanna Howard
Tracy Ruffin
Bobby McGlon
Sandra Fennell
Cynthia McCraney
April Williams
Stacie Shirley
Deborah Ruffin
Linda Jones
Kenneth Green
Beth Phillips
Angela Howard
Brandie Kilcrease
Heather Bishop
Dana McDaniel
Kristen Watts
Stacey White
Christie Moncrief
David Peterson, MD
Daphne Neeley
Joytonya Flowers
Michelle Hendricks
Melissa White
Sonya Weeks
Kenneth Burnette
Tara Murray

5 Years
Kayla Boyt
Catherine Rawls
Nathan Carmichael
Monica Stover
Charlene Barnes
Terry Standard
Abigail Matthews
Savannah Kendall
Elaine Akins
Christina Brown
Clauneise Reeves
Janet Holmes
Rachel Estes
Shantelise Dickey
John Jenkins II, MD
Misty Richardson
Jim Totten
Naomi Hartman
Angie Stubbs
Pricilla Bostwick
Vanessa Garvin
Amberly Holloman
Annette Pearson
Jean Pettay
Heather Hoyal
Rashonda Bell
Joseph Kimball