Upson Gives Back

Upson Regional Medical Center had a total community benefit, which includes the uncompensated cost of care, gaps between its cost to provide care and what government programs pay for that care, as well as community programs, of $18.3 million in 2013.

Included in the hospital’s Community Benefit was more than $3.6 million in charity care, which is care provided to those without insurance and unable to pay for care.

An additional $4.2 million is the gap between the services Upson provided to patients on government insurance plans such as Medicare and Medicaid and what those programs reimburse for that care.

The $18.3 million in community benefit expenditures represents 30% of the hospital’s operating expenses.

“These numbers illustrate our commitment to and positive impact on the health and well-being of the communities we serve,” said Sallie Barker, who coordinates the hospital’s community benefit programs and participation. “Far beyond the numbers listed on a balance sheet, our employees generously and willingly volunteer their time, talent and compassion to target chronic diseases, screen for cancers, and educate people about ways to live healthier lives.”

Upson annually participates in health fairs and hosts community events to offer free and discounted screenings, including men’s health to blood glucose screenings and blood pressure checks.

“We want to make sure everyone in our community has access to quality health care regardless of a patient’s income or insurance status,” said CEO David Castleberry. “As a not-for-profit health care provider, we take our mission seriously and are committed to providing quality care to all our patients and the community.”

To learn more about Upson’s Community Health Needs Assessment, and the targeted areas Upson is providing benefit to the community, visit