State Recognition for Upson

The Georgia Council on Auxiliaries, an organization made up of hospital volunteers from throughout the state and sponsored by the Georgia Hospital Association, named David Castleberry as its Chief Executive Officer of the Year at its annual convention in Augusta last week. During the presentation, Castleberry was praised not only for his leadership as the hospital’s CEO but for his support of the Volunteer Auxiliary over the years.

“Every day he interacts with the Auxiliary members, whether it’s a kind word in the Cafeteria or checking in with our Front Desk receptionists, he is engaged with our group on a daily basis,” Dee Hinson, president of the Upson Regional Auxiliary, said. “He always makes the volunteers feel like they are a vital part of the hospital’s team.”

After receiving the award, Castleberry told the approximately 500 volunteers attending the convention that it is “an absolute honor and privilege to work with the Auxiliary at Upson. We are fortunate to have such a high-performing, high-energy group motivated to make a difference in the experience of our patients.”

There are more than 7,000 hospital volunteers in 94 hospitals in Georgia and they contribute approximately 1.3 million hours in their hospitals plus funding of approximately $1.4 million. Funds contributed by the Upson Regional Auxiliary, like others throughout the state, come from sales in the hospital gift shop, which is run by the Auxiliary. Last year, Upson’s Auxiliary surpassed the million dollar mark in financial donations to the hospital.