At Upson, we want you to be focused on feeling better, which is why we work with insurance providers and individuals to reduce the anxiety associated with cost and billing.

At the time of registration, we will explain to you an estimate of your charges for the procedure, how much we expect your insurance to cover and how much we expect you to owe.

We will expect payment of the amount you owe, or arrangements for payment. You may be asked to make a payment arrangement with our Patient Account Representative. We accept credit cards-Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.

If you have no insurance, we can help you to apply for Medicaid or other financial aid. There are eligibility requirements for these programs that can be discussed with you.  Here you may download an application for Financial Assistance.

We will bill your insurance company. Claim processing usually takes 30-45 days. After that time you could receive a bill for any balance not covered by your insurance.

You may receive a separate bill from our Pathologist, Anesthesiologist and Radiologist if these services were used. Our Pathologist participates with two managed care plans-Secure Health and Star Care.